portfolio > unborn 2012 - 2013

oil on paper
36" x 48"

oil on paper from a series of 300: unborn.

Series: Unborn

Unborn, intrinsic, original, uncreated. Unborn is not something to be created; it is already complete and perfect. The mind just as it is, intrinsic, original, uncreated, imperishable.

In response to circumstances thoughts and feelings come and go. While these are neither good nor bad in themselves, we're slaves to our responses. Failing to see them as merely passing reflections due to all kinds of habitual pattens, multiple causes and conditions, and preconceived ideas about reality we obstruct and obscure the free flow of mind not allowing thoughts and physical sensations to arise and cease naturally. We need only to stop struggling entirely, allowing the rhythm of mind to flow freely like a river. Unborn is not something to attain, to be created or to try to be or become. Unborn is already present, perfect and complete. It is our basic nature. If one is truly natural and innocently spontaneous, the unborn will appear.

Mind does not come from somewhere or go somewhere else. It has no form or color nor abide in any definite place. It is completely intangible, cannot be grasped or isolated. Mind depends on only two things - the object that is perceived and the senses through which it is perceived which is an experience of unborn once the clarity and vastness of the unborn nature is recognized.